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Wholesale VPN

MPLS VPN provides a full range of dedicated, permanent, symmetrical bandwidth solutions, now with mobile backup:

Carrier MPLS VPN

represents a carrier grade solution for operators intending to offer VPN services outside their network boundaries and to integrate it with the solution offered to the end customers (‘B end’ model). The service provides connectivity between the interconnection point implemented with the operator (NNI) and the sites of the operator's customers.


provides a carrier grade solution for operators planning to offer VPN services between two or more sites. The services are delivered end-to-end using Telekom Romania’s MPLS network for the connectivity between the end customer’s sites.
MPLS VPN service offers four classes of service and speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps, both in Romania and in the region (Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova), using one of the following topologies:


each location communicates directly with any other location

Hub & Spoke

all locations communicate only with/via the Headquarter (HQ)


Simplified Management: one-stop shop for global communication needs, enabling the customer to save the hassle of dealing with different service providers in various countries

100% national coverage

International coverage: we cover all Western European major destinations, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, through direct Network-to-Network Interconnections (NNI) with carefully selected partners and strong SLAs

Flexibility: the service is designed to tailor various requirements, easily allowing deployment of distinct network topologies, increasing capacities, adding new sites, new applications, choosing among different levels of service management

High Reliability: The service is provided over our redundant and fault tolerant full mesh MPLS network, designed for congestion avoidance and backed by solid SLAs

Security: the MPLS Switching VPNs technology offers the same level of security as connection-oriented VPNs. Packets from one VPN will not inadvertently go to another VPN

Transparency: we provide no manipulations of end user CoS, enabling seamless integration with customer intranets.

24/7 professional help desk services for the best customer experience

Service Features & Facts

A rich choice of speeds to match the customers’ needs, with bandwidths from 1Mbps to 10 Gbps

Various VPNs topologies, including full meshed (Any2Any), hybrid configurations or Hub & Spoke.

Two service levels (Standard or Premium), tailored for diverse customers' needs.

Backup / Protection: Wholesale VPN comes with our Mobile Backup solution that improves service availability to 99.9%. Mobile Backup automatically provides connectivity if the main access fiber link goes down, allowing customers to stay connected. Provided at a fixed monthly price, with no mobile data cap.

Integrated VPN solutions, with fixed and mobile main access lines, for widespread reach, and cost-effective solutions. Provided at a fixed monthly price, with no mobile data cap.

Routing protocol static or dynamic (BGP/ RIP v2)

QoS model tailored as per Customer needs. Telekom Romania offers 4 tiered Classes of Service suitable for various applications, from real time applications, sensitive to jitter and highly interactive, to the best-effort internet.

Dynamic bandwidth allocation between classes

Supplementary options: Internet access distribution, NAT, CPE rental & management

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