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Rental service

Rental service: Ducts and micro-ducts

As a general rule, the service offered by Telekom Romania Communications refers to a duct or micro duct, which connects at least two manholes of Telekom Romania Communications.

The service does not include any equipment, active or passive and consists exclusively in the right to use the duct or micro duct in order to install a fiber optic cable. The route on which the rental is desired will be defined by the terminal and intermediate manholes, and the total length of the route will be calculated by the sum of the lengths of the sewer sections between the manholes.

Duct: Any sewer pipe through which one or more micro ducts or telecommunication cables can be drawn.

Micro duct: Tube with an outer / inner diameter of dimensions 12/10, or 10/8 mm, of HDPE (high density polyethylene) material, part of a set of tubes, also known as the Micro duct beam (for example 3 , 4, 7, 8, 9) installed in a Duct.


Through the underground sewerage infrastructure, Telekom Romania Communications offers to the operators a superior alternative to the above-ground, unsightly and much overloaded networks

Infrastructure in the underground environment ensures superior levels of safety in weather, vandalism or other accidents

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