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Mobile Virtual Network Operators partnering

Light MVNO

Telekom Romania Mobile supports a variety of business models in the area of Mobile Virtual Network Operators partnering.

We are enabling wholesale deals that suit the capabilities of any partner. Together with the partner we can jointly select the most appropriate commercial and technical setup.

Light MVNO is best suited for partners with telco experience who need autonomy in marketing and pricing.

Telekom Romania Mobile’s contribution:

  • Mobile network services;

  • Numbering, network code, IMSI, roaming;

  • Operations and business support.

Partner's main contribution:

  • Operations and business support;

  • Marketing, sales and distribution;

  • Brand and communication.


  • Lower investment compared to a Full MVNO;

  • Faster go to market;

  • Reliable second line Customer Care support;

  • Service quality of Telekom Romania Mobile’s network;

  • Leverage of Telekom Romania Mobile’s existing interconnections & roaming agreements.


MVNO Access Wholesale Offer

Contact Us

For more details, please contact us at

Extra Information

MNO/MVNO activities split along the telecom value chain in a Light MVNO/Service provider setup:

Technical view on a Light MVNO / Service Provider (without own traffic routing):

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