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IP Transit & Internet

IP Transit

The IP Transit service is provided through our fiber-optic infrastructure which has the highest coverage in Romania and one of the most modern and extensive networks in the region.

With hundreds of private peering interconnections, significant participation in the largest European public peering exchanges and various connections with top Tier 1 suppliers, we have developed a premium, carrier-grade IP Transit solution, which extends throughout Europe.

The Service is avaible in two options:

IP Transit National: access to Romanian IP networks

IP Transit Global: access to global Internet network

The IP Transit Service and can be provided at a Telekom Romania PoP/eXchange node, into a Telehouse or at ISP’s main PoP/eXchange node.


Best routes to Internet

Industry-leading SLA on key network performance indicators

Various service flavors, offering access to different traffic communities, national or international

Reliable, scalable and affordable bandwidth

Complete redundancy, with few hops and low latency

Competitive price structures, suitable for each business and traffic needs

24/7 professional helpdesk services for the best customer experience

Service Features & Facts

Supplied over our own fiber optic infrastructure, benefiting from the largest coverage in Romania and one of the most modern and extensive international redundant networks in the region, with a capacity of over 5 Tbps;

Points of Presence (PoP) in all important European markets: Budapest, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, Sofia, Kiev;

National peering connections with all major players;

Over 400 international peering connections;

Multiple top Tier1 upstreams;

Redundant connections to peering points;

Service bandwidths available up to 100 Gbps;

Flexible billing: flat fee or by usage;

Routing protocol: BGPv4 / Static routing;

IP Addressing IPv4/IPv6 from our IP pool;

Traffic monitoring - through a secured website;

Private connections using optical fiber in customer location or in colocation centers.

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