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TV Channels Retransmission, Analogical Video Transport and Wholesale Video Transport services provided by Telekom

TV/ Video Content Distribution

TV Channels Retransmission

The TV Channels Retransmission service consist of delivering the Customer the TV channels for which Telekom Romania has granted the Customer the retransmission rights, with the purpose to rebroadcast to its subscribers, through its CATV / DTH / IPTV platform.

Telekom Romania will grant non-exclusive rights for the receiving and retransmission of its own channels and those of third parties’ for which Telekom Romania is entitle to grant such rights.

Telekom Romania may also provide customer assistance and / or transportation of the Tv signal, designed to support the client in the retransmission and / or reception of channels in good condition.

Channels package includes: Dolce Sport1, Dolce Sport 2, Dolce Sport HD, Mooz

  • Diversified sport content at competitive price

  • High quality, reliable transport solution

  • Flexibility in choosing the signal format ( DVB-S/IP) and the signal resolution (SD/HD)

  • Efficient compression standard -MPEG 4, allowing bandwidth optimization

  • STB delivery in case of DVB-S signal

  • Extended service coverage

Analogical Video Transport

Analogical Video Transport is a service dedicated to cable operators looking for a solution to carry their TV signal in an analogical format between two or more locations.

The solution is a reliable, carrier grade, point-to-point transport connection carrying the signal over a fiber optic cable using the 1550 nm wavelength. The service allows the multiplexing of the video signal together with other data signals over the same fiber cable.

Signal quality parameters are assured over long distances by using amplifiers.

  • High quality, reliable transport solution

  • Long distance range (using signal amplifiers)

  • Support cable operators using analogical technology

Wholesale Video Transport

The Wholesale Video Transport service offers the TV retransmission service providers ("TV Operators") a scalable, flexible and efficient solution to transport an aggregated package of TV channels, delivered on a single interface, in different formats and standards of resolution, depending on customers’ requirements.

Telekom Romania ensures the secured transport of the TV channels, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and allowing the distribution of the transported channels only to the TV Operators entitled to do such distribution.

The TV operators must own a licence allowing them to retransmit the TV channels.

  • Over 100 TV channels

  • SD/HD video signal resolution

  • IP video signal format

  • MPEG2/MPEG4 encoding

  • Redundant solution with 24/7 support

  • SPTS signal multiplexing

  • Higher quality of the terrestrial transport service, compared to the satellite transport

  • Higher operational efficiency and fault management by using a simplified head end architecture

  • Start-up support, reducing CAPEX/OPEX for operators looking to offer dual/triple-play services

  • Support TV Operators’ business, allowing rapid increase of the service coverage area, enhancing the offer with new channels

  • Secured access to the TV content by using virtual private networks, dedicated firewalls and encryption services

  • Carrier grade, fully redundant head end, targeting a service availability of 100%

To read more information about the services, click here.

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