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Telekom Romania and Alior Bank launch Telekom Banking

  • Free of charge withdrawals from any ATM in the country and abroad;
  • Free of charge intra and inter-banking lei transfers, via Internet and Mobile Banking;
  • Advantageous currency exchange services through 24/7 Online Exchange platform.

Currently, the universe of financial services is in a continuous innovative expansion. The new technologies in the digitalization area are the ones that allow banks to offer new services to those looking for simple and efficient solutions, tailored to their expectations. If until recently, the banking services world was perceived as being rigid, nowadays, technologies in the internet of things area offer financial companies the ability to gain a flexibility that can also become a benchmark for other business markets.

In this respect, Telekom Banking, the latest digital financial project in Romania, developed within the partnership between Telekom Romania and Alior Bank, one of the largest banks in Poland, aims to meet the needs of consumers for fast, easy-to-use products and services, available wherever and whenever.

”Telekom Banking is the result of Telekom Romania's promise to support the creative freedom of its customers and partners in everything they do. After liberating the Internet, it’s time for the banking services. When we speak about Telekom Banking, we speak about a banking services offer willing to meet the fundamental expectations of its clients; banking services designed to cherish and value the creative potential of its clients. We are glad that through our partnership with Alior Bank, we are now at the forefront of the simple and easy to use banking services. What we aim is to provide services fitted to the new IT&C culture that we live in today. Setting you up with all the possibilities that new technologies offer means to exploit the possibility of accessing today's innovation. The banking experience of Alior Bank and the technological and innovative vision of Telekom Romania made possible the birth of a banking services offer dedicated to the residential segment, capable to shape the future of the Romanian financial and banking segment", said Miroslav Majoros, CEO Telekom Romania.

“The implementation of our state-of-the-art technology solutions on the Romanian market is another step for Alior Bank to become one of the most innovative banks in Europe. We use our best practices from the Polish market, the most innovative solutions offered by Alior Bank in Poland and developed within our cooperation with T-Mobile. I would like to emphasize, however, that the final offer was prepared by the team of our Romanian branch, therefore we are sure that will meet the needs and expectations of all customers. We have ambitious plans and we are convinced that with Telekom Romania we are going to achieve them and we will be successful on the Romanian market where we see great potential. In this first phase, we will offer current accounts, debit cards, deposits and online exchange office. In the second phase we will be launching an interesting credit offer and we will continue to further enhance our value proposition" said Celina Waleśkiewicz, Deputy CEO Alior Bank.

Telekom Banking services are launched gradually, starting two modern and intuitive pillars - daily (primary) banking and a new solution on the Romanian market, online exchange platform.

With Telekom Banking, customers can open current accounts in RON, EUR, USD and GBP, attach debit cards to them and have 24/7 access to their funds with the internet and mobile banking solution.

The current account can be either requested online on or directly from the mobile application or by visiting one of Telekom and Germanos shops. The online initiated process of opening an account is finalized via courier - which can be also the way of delivering the debit card, free of charge. Uniqueness for opening account in the shop is one can get his/her card instantly and use it just after signing an agreement.

Through Telekom Banking offers, every customer opening an account can benefit from free withdrawals from any ATM in the country and abroad, free online transfers in lei through Internet and Mobile banking to any bank in Romania, guaranteed for three years.

The second pillar of Telekom Banking launching is the Online Exchange platform through which customers benefit from advantageous, real-time exchange rates for 10 foreign currencies, refreshed at maximum every 10 seconds (during working days). Customers can set up foreign exchange transactions in details - e.g. set the date and time they want to make the currency exchange and the exchange rate at which a transaction is to be made. Last but not least, the "Pay later" option allows the customer to make currency exchanges without having available the full amount of money. It is necessary to hold at least 5% of the traded amount, and within two working days to ensure the necessary difference for the completion of the exchange.

With Telekom Banking, customers can benefit also from a modern mobile application providing unique customer experience. The solution focuses on an omnichannel approach that is a full integration of the mobile application and the internet banking platform. With the launch of the Internet Banking platform, at the beginning of November, customers will get one coherent experience and receive clear information about the status of their products and services. Everything is centered on convenience and ease of use (hence the most commonly used functions are intuitively located “at a finger’s reach”), as well as innovative solutions to respond to clients’ needs. Alior Bank developed a system that removes barriers and sets a new standard for digital banking excellence.

The application offers a wide range of functionalities, including transfers to other accounts using QR code or NFC function, balance view of the latest three transactions without being logged-in, P2P payments etc. There is also the possibility to open other current accounts, in lei or foreign currency, directly from the Mobile Banking application, request for debit cards, term deposits or savings accounts.

At national level, the Telekom Banking services launched today are available online at and will be gradually available in the Telekom and Germanos stores. Ultimately, in the following month, in every Telekom and Germanos shops and selected partners, any person can request to open a current account and a debit card.

In addition, through the shop-in-shop banking corner concept that has been developed and rolled-out in selected Telekom and Germanos shops, additional banking services, including lending products, will be offered. The shop-in-shop banking corner network will be systematically enhanced within next year and is expecting to reach 120 shops.

In the near future, the Telekom Banking offer will also include device financing services for products in the Telekom Romania’s offer, as well as unsecured personal loan and overdraft.

For details and information on the services offered by Telekom Banking, those interested can call 0219253 - dedicated call center, available 24/7.

The banking services are provided by Alior Bank SA Warsaw – Bucharest Branch.

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